We are business associates of Sirai, we are suppliers and distributors of Sirai make industrial components and valves. Sirai are specialized in solenoid valves since 1950's. Sirai were purchased by Emerson in 1998. Emerson, one of the top 25 global technology companies in the Fortune 500 have provided a solid foundation for Sirai to grow their capabilities, rapidly gaining a reputation within the group for their flexibility, innovative approach and ability to create customized valves for challenging and unique applications.

Product series of Sirai make components -

• General solenoid valves

• Pinch Solenoid valves

• Dry Solenoid valves

• Micro solenoid valves

• Pressure switches

• Linear Solenoids

• Locking solenoids

• Holding solenoids

• Encapsulated coils

Industrial Products for you

We can undertake Industrial Products Distribution, Detailed Engineering, Consultancy, Design,Development and Programming of PLC/DCS, Manufacturing of Control Panels,Installation and Commissioning of control and automation projects, Servicing of Control Valves & Positoners.

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