Amaze India is among the leading dealer and distributor of Aventics pneumatics products for efficient solutions in industrial automation. Aventics has wide range of pneumatic components that are energy efficient, durable and long lasting.

Range of products include –

  1. Pneumatic Cylinders, Grippers & Drives
    • Standard cylinders
    • Double piston cylinder
    • Mini cylinder
    • Round cylinder
    • Short stroke cylinders
    • Compact cylinders
    • Tie rod cylinder
    • Cylinder valve units
    • Rodless cylinders
    • Diaphragm type cylinder
    • Guide cylinders
    • Bellow actuator
    • Rotary actuator

  2. Valve and valve systems
    • Single valves
    • Valve systems
    • Check choke valves
    • Logic Valves
    • Throttle valves
    • Shut off valves
    • Check valves
    • Exhaust valves
    • Pressure relief valves

  3. Sensors
    • Distance measuring sensors
    • Electrical pressure sensors
    • Magnetic proximity sensors
    • Flow sensors
    • Inductive proximity sensors
    • Mechanical pressure sensors
    • Pneumatic proximity sensors

Industrial Products for you

We can undertake Industrial Products Distribution, Detailed Engineering, Consultancy, Design,Development and Programming of PLC/DCS, Manufacturing of Control Panels,Installation and Commissioning of control and automation projects, Servicing of Control Valves & Positoners.

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