YAMATAKE AZBIL & BrainChild Products

Azbil Corporation from Japan formerly known as Yamatake Corporation caters to various segments of Industrial, factory and building automation products. Being one of the distributors of Yamatake AZBIL automation products we supply -

• Limit switches

• Micro switches

• Basic switches

• Safety interlock switches

• Proximity sensors

• Photo electric sensors

• Fibre optic sensors

• PID controllers

• UV flame sensors

• Flame relays

• Gas flow meters

• Gas pressure switches

• Actuators

• Damper motors / Modutrol motors

Paperless Recorders :

To address the insudtrial recording needs for temprature, pressure and others we offer all range of Paperless Recorders. Digital Paperless recorders are kind of data acquisition or data loggers used to record data over a period of time. Digital paper recorders are available with Touchscreen facility.

We supply Paperless Recoder manufactured by global brands like BrainChild, Yamatake-Azbil and Honeywell etc.,

Industrial Products for you

We can undertake Industrial Products Distribution, Detailed Engineering, Consultancy, Design,Development and Programming of PLC/DCS, Manufacturing of Control Panels,Installation and Commissioning of control and automation projects, Servicing of Control Valves & Positoners.

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